PRESI’s Top 5 Black Sand Beaches

Black sand beaches are usually indicative of an island with a volcanic past. The unique color of the sand is the result of the mixture of iron, titanium and other volcanic substances. Black sand on the beach typically gets scorching hot during the daytime so be sure to bring your flip flops!

Here is the PRESI list of Top 5 Beaches with black sands:

  1. Black Sand Beach of Lost Coast California. It’s great for hiking along the coast and for picture taking. This coast stretches for 80 miles and is known for its peaks and scenic views.


  1. Black Point Beach, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Black Point Beach is also home of the historic Black Point Tunnel a 360 foot tunnel which was used hundreds of years ago for sugar transport.


  1. Dolphin Beach in Hawaii. Actually named Kehena Beach, it’s often called Dolphin Beach because on days where there is a good current, its common to see people swimming with the dolphins.


  1. Muriwai Black Sand Beach, New Zealand. These black sands stretch for over 30 miles. You can even hike up a scenic trail for spectacular ocean views. There is even a surf school located on the beach. What’s cooler than walking on a black sand beach? Learning how to surf on one!


  1. Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, Hawaii. Located on the Southeastern Kau Coast, this is probably the world’s most famous beach for black sands. On it, you will also find white sands and green sands. The black sand was created by volcanic lava that flowed into the ocean and then cooled. It’s important to note that at this beach, it is illegal to take the black sand off the beach.

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